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Re: So what made you Choose Olympus then?

Like most, I have owned a number of makes and used even more. My first serious camera was the Olympus 35RD, followed by an OM10, OM2 and finally an OM4Ti. When it came to choosing a digital, my first thoughts were to go for Nikon lenses on a Fuji body as this was the tried and tested setup at work and it produced excellent results. But a C-8080 came my way and it too produced very good results. As soon as 4/3rds came along and I saw the reasoning behind it, along with the almost upresedented collaboration of manufacturers, my mind was made up and I bought into the E-Series.

With the OM adaptor it allowed the use of all my Bellows, Macro and Microscope lenses so really there was little reason to look elsewhere.

I've tried other makes from time to time (at work and friends kit) and they are all very good. I can't give a definitive best reason for sticking with Olympus, I simply like them better than the rest, in much the same way as I get my Indian takeaway from the same place...
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