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I'm conflicted!

Well it's a long time since I owned an Olympus, having since used the Panny GH2 and the Fuji XT1. I'm wondering whether to return!

The Fuji is a lovely camera and gives stunning images, but as I age I find that whilst the body is OK, the lenses are becoming that bit too unwieldy. I still use the GH2, and it's handy for the occasional video, which the XT1 is rather limited for. What I've always particularly like about the GH2 is it's compact size and it's comfortable in my hand. All later models have grown in size, otherwise I think I might have upgraded. But I've been thinking about a replacement for the GH2, and I'm thinking once again of the Olympus offerings. And of course, MFT lenses are pretty compact.

The EM1 Mk2 is bigger than I want, although it has a decent grip. Expensive as well. The EM5 Mk2 (and yes, I know it's successor must be waiting in the wings!) is about the same size as the GH2, but it has no grip to speak of. OK, there are a number of Oly and third party grips available, but of course they all add to the weight and size, so we are beginning to approach the EM1.

I plan on using the 12-40 Pro and the 35-100 Lumix. Anyone have any comments on how usable the EM5 Mk2 is without a grip attached? I suppose the easy response is "go and try one", but I don't live particularly near to the main (any?) dealers, and then the question is "are the cameras and grips in stock?"

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