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Re: Rumours that Sony has made a 32MP MFT sensor

Lens manufacture is a physical polishing process and subject to many challenges. I doubt the majority of existing M43 lens can resolve to the level required for a 32MP sensor. As far as zooms are concerned I doubt any will be up to it. Hope I am wrong.

If you want to use the Hi-Res features on an Oly camera today you need a tripod and/or a still target. That challenge will get even tougher with more smaller pixels. Hand holding - forget it.

With my astrophotography hat on putting more pixels in a given defined area i.e. the size of a chips sensor means they will be smaller and therefore capture fewer photons per pixel. More dynamic range requires larger pixels to capture more photons in the well. Look at the Sony low light cameras they have big pixels. There is no magic wand however much we wish, its basic physics.

So apart from marketing hype, the benefits are - the potential for higher dynamic range through pixel binning.

Potential for more detail - target and lens permitting.

Noise no change per pixel but a lot lower with binning.

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