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Re: Flickr for beginners

Originally Posted by blu-by-u View Post
Anyone found a solution to this yet? Am traveling without a laptop and I can't post anything.
Just testing at the moment, take 2

Generated from my Google Nexus 5 using

That seemed to work OK, and adds the self publicity link for the web app below the photo.
I'm typing this part of the reply, in italics, from a normal desktop as it's easier than fiddling with a phone, but the initial reply and embedded photo link are from an Android mobile, as the link below the photo shows.

Log into your flickr account on android, select the relevant photo and touch the "sharing" icon; three little circles joined by a couple of lines just below the photo.
Select "Copy URL" and paste into the above web app in your favourite browser.
This will generate the relevant BB code, which you can copy and paste directly into your thread on here.
N.B. since it's already in BB code, just paste directly in to your new post, rather than using any of the photo icons.

As far as I can see, the problem arises because the option to generate BB code directly from Flickr works fine from the full desktop access, but is absent from the Flickr phone app.

I tried using the full access from within a mobile browser but it just opens the Flickr app on my phone.
This approach may work if one doesn't have the app on the phone/tablet, or if you can force your browser to the main, rather than the mobile flickr site.
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