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Re: Second Hand Lenses, 9-18mm versus 11-22

It greatly depends of what you are planning to photograph with either of them.
If it is landscapes and architecture: get the 9-18mm
If you need the low light capability: get the 11-22mm

The 11-22mm is older than the 9-18mm.
I got my 11-22mm when the 9-18mm was not available and the 7-14mm was too expensive for me.
I have seen great results of the 9-18mm: tack sharp, good contrast.
Those 2mm make a diference in wide.....
The 9-18mm is smaller and lighter than the 11-22mm.

New prices in Holland: 9-18mm 450,- 11-22mm 670,-

The used 11-22mm on sale are by people that either bought the 7-14mm or the 9-18mm ...............

Give your self some time to reconsider.

By the way, I ended up with the set 7-14mm, 11-22mm and the 14-42mm kitlens.

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