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Re: Post editor bug and missing Smileys

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
It looks like the recent maintenance update we did on the forum introduced a bug which means the WYSIWYG function of the text editor you use to create posts - is disabled in certain browsers.

People affected can't see inserted Smileys or Emoticons, only the text mnemonic that represent them. You can't preview other effects and see photos in the edit box either.

There are some workarounds:

1. Use Firefox (which is a really good browser with lots add-ons available) or Internet Explorer 11 (probably not a good idea as it's not really supported any more since Microsoft introduced its Edge browser with Windows 10.

2. To check how your post will look use the PREVIEW option.

3. If you are really keen, there are comprehensive BBCode external editors you use outside of the forum.

I'm hoping that when we soon upgrade to version 4 of the forum software that this bug will be fixed.

Sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime!

It's never worked in MAC Safari for me, you only ever see the text mnemonic in the post composition box, and the actual smileys if you preview...

So no real change there!

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