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M.Zuiko 7-14mm Adaptor and Filters

I've tried searching the forum regarding this topic, but didn't seem to have any luck so...

Background: I'm looking to get into landscape photography, so want to look at purchasing a filter system for future use. This will be my first purchase of filters so don't have any previous experience.

I'm looking for a "beginners" set up which I could gradually add to as I become more familiar and comfortable with different filters. I would prefer a lightweight and less bulky set up (so 100mm over the 150mm). Looking to purchase some kind of combination, just struggling to decide between which.

My struggle between:

- Adaptors:
  • Custom 3D printed adaptor
  • Phil Norton Filter adaptor
  • Lee Filter Adaptor
  • Nisi V5 Pro 100mm Filter

- Filters:
  • Lee 100mm system
  • Haida 100mm system
  • Formatt-Hitech system

How much difference in quality is there between the brands? or does each brand have a varied range of filter qualities?

Would be helpful if some more experienced members could share some insight into the equipment/brand they use and why.

Thanks in advance!
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