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Re: Wildlife photographer of the year

I agree, Ian.

At my camera club a reasonable number of good photographers have used Fuji crop-sensor mirrorless kit for some years, often combined with a DSLR setup for landscape or sports/wildlife, but overwhelmingly DSLRs have ruled.

In the last 12-18 months however there has been a massive change, with now most of the club committee plus several of the 'top' club members buying Olympus OMD kit. By 'top' I mean as measured by how often they place in club competitions.

Again these are being bought as supplements to existing Canikon gear, but several people have now sold their old kit.

Hardly a meeting goes by without someone coming up to me and asking about Olympus equipment, and I've lent several people various bits and pieces to try. I'm going to be asking Olympus for 10% on all consequent sales!

Of course this is a big club (nearly 200 members) and there are a lot of superb wildlife, sports and 'big' landscape photographers who perfectly reasonably are sticking with their big gear for now, but it will come.

Too much Oly gear.
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