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Re: Hdew

Originally Posted by timboo View Post
I was going to say that in my post but having not put it to the test didnt want to speculate lol. I agree though totally cant imagine them doing anything outside 12 months and even then when u provide a receipt from a none uk dealer will they honour any in the uk. maybe someone on here can shed some light who has gone through the process.
from examples above seems under 12 months no issue.
Again as I mentioned in my post which started this discussion HDEW are a small company based in Surrey. They currently have a rating of 9.8 out of 10 from 519 reviews on Trustpilot which is what sparked my interest initially. They source their stock from the EU which is included in the list of countries in the Olympus warranty T&C which I linked to in my last post.
I'm more than happy that I bought my 40-150mm Pro lens + MC-14 teleconverter for 1099 from HDEW because I saved 400 on the top price. I don't anticipate any problems with my lens but heyho who knows, I'm confident I have the extended warranty.
It sounds like I'm a HDEW fanboy but I'm not. I'm careful and shrewd about where I spend my hard earned cash, I shop around, do a lot of research and speak to people but if you've got it to burn buy from Jessops. I've just managed to snag a DR-66 decoration ring for my 40-150mm Pro for 16.75 from, they are on eBay for twice that amount.
Furthermore I was much happier buying a new one from HDEW than a used one from anywhere else at a similar price with no warranty.
About the serial number validation; I remember inputting an incorrect character, o instead of 0 and it was rejected so I'm sure the system does validate equipment.
Wherever you buy your lens from it's profit to Olympus and providing the products are legally imported with VAT and import tax paid what's the problem?
Maybe Ian could supply a definitive answer to this topic and stop the guessing and speculation?

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