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Re: 9th E Group Photo Challenge-The Result...

Originally Posted by snaarman View Post
Aaargh Twice! OK guys, what we need is more entrants next time

Anyway, thanks for all the votes and the great pictures Ellie, Tim_g and the rest.. I will have a short think and come up with a new subject for our next contest.

Meanwhile a short explanation is in order maybe:

Take a sheet of watercolour paper and trap it hanging off the edge of the desk with a sheet of glass. Keep the glass in place by placing a halogen desk lamp on top of it. Now anything you place on the glass casts a shadow down the paper. A large paperclip, for example? Bend the watercolour paper to get a nice curvy shadow. Take several shots, pick the two best and combine them as 2 layers in photoshop using "darken". Fiddle around for an hour or so until it looks right.

Finally think up a pretentious title


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