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Re: A dozen Kites Flying

Originally Posted by Chevvyf1 View Post
Rutwij, I look forward to seeing your Red Kites !

Bait them - Chicken wings 2 a penny and cook them off (which makes a stronger scent, they "smell" sensing lamb from high above ... feed them a few days running - in the same locale - same time ! 3 or 4 days is enough to "HAVE THEM ADD IT TO THEIR DINING TABLES" sori aps came on ... computer has a mind of its own ...

IS off ; wind up the ISO ; and Shutter speed and F down to 2.8 WHEN you focus on (manual focus to start off CAF)

Have the light behind you and the food unless you want a few shots of the back end and them taking off

Best of shots
The place we visited was a place they feed the red kites every day. The guy who feeds them said that they get 40-50 kites at a time in the peak time during winter. There were about 20 or so of them when we went there on Saturday.

I didn't turn IS off DOH!! Well, there's always next time

My images are now up in another thread in foto fair. The IQ wasn't great because of the big crops I had to go for, and I think the IS caused a lot of the images to be out of focus

E510, E5, EM-5, many ZD and m.zuiko lenses and Bigma

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