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Re: ND Filters

Originally Posted by IainMacD View Post
I might add that I went for this kit on the recommendation of another forum member Stoates and a local professional photographer who preferred the bigger 100mm filters, but that would have been too much money!
I have a couple of old soft edge grads (Kood I think was the make), but I am now conveted to hard edged and opted for the Hitech ones as they are longer offering more 'range' where the Koods were square.
I hope this helps?
Thanks Iain. I saw Kood and Hitech in addition to Cokin as cheaper alternatives to Lee. Have you noticed a difference in quality of images between these? I'm guessing from your reply that "range" refers to the positioning of the edge in grad filters in the image to allow for larger or smaller skies. Is that accurate?

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