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Re: Speccing a laptop

There are no Apples in my price range that fit my spec., old or new. There are no new Apples, full stop, in my price range! The cheapest Mac laptop on the Apple Store site is a 619 Refurbished MacBook Air 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 but the CPU is too slow and there is no dedicated graphics and it only has 2GB DRAM system memory.

The thing about PC laptops is that you can pay as little (and get lower power and build quality accordingly) or as much as you can afford or prefer to pay.

Cheaper Dells are, well, cheap, but the more expensive lines are very nice indeed. The XPS 15z is a stunner but just a little outside of my budget for the spec. I am looking for. I could go refurb for this but still a little over budget. Dell also feature a fantastic display - with RGB white LED (WLED) backlights, which are still relatively rare. Normal LED backlights are slightly yellow as they are blue LEDs moderated by yellow phosphor. RGB LED backlights produce a more pure white and the temperature is adjustable.


Update - the cheapest MacBook Pro with a 15 inch screen that meets my spec is 2.5x my budget (2.5 x 600 = 1500)
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