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Re: Tips for troubleshooting wifi problems

The powerline adapters are a virtual replacement for ethernet cable, so I think the answer is yes.

For me, I simply moved the wireless router from next to the modem in an upstairs bedroom (which is where the cable comes into the house) to downstairs in the living room which was the best position for where everyone uses wifi around the house. So originally the router was connected to the modem using a short length of ethernet cable and now it is connected to a powerline adapter using a piece of ethernet cable and teh powerline adapter is connected to its pair upstairs, where it is connected to the cable modem.

I did try a wireless bridge once, but I had mixed results. I may well add a second wireless router because we have an 802.11g wireless printer and the wireless LAN drops to the the slowest connection rate (thanks to John Baker for pointing this out to me), so when the printer is powered up the LAN is no longer N-speed. The second router can then be dedicated to Wireless-G devices.

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