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Re: Photos taken by E-5

Originally Posted by blu-by-u View Post
Which part of China? I thought pencil thin eyes and almond face is the in thing? Maybe I am wrong..time to redraw my expectation.
My expectations of China were shattered upon landing!

China has many faces, from almost Russian/European mix in the north to Malay/Thai in the south. The ethnic make-up and variety is astounding. There are many very beautiful women here.

The pencil thin eyes are out of fashion and, like Korea, plastic surgery is all the rage. The shame is that large eyes are European influence in the genes - so by wanting to follow the "big-eyed" look, the people are actually saying they don't want to look traditional Chinese.

The country is developing faster than their society can cope with, leaving many Chinese unsure of what to do: caught between tradition and an ever increasing range of social freedoms never before encountered.

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