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Re: You looking at me Baby?

Seeing as the last one's a bullfinch, here's a tenuously related 'one that got away' from Sat :-)

Walking out to my bin on Sat, I spotted something sitting on top of it. As I got close enough to it I identified a bullfinch, all fluffed up and not budging
I figured this was too good to last so stopped for a bit (5m away), then slowly walked closer.... to standing right beside the bin, with again no reaction - even when I walked in front of it and stared closely to check if it was even alive!

Dashed back indoors to get the camera, as I figured I'd never get another chance like this, but when I came back out it was up on its' feet, and flew away as I walked over.... leaving just a white reminder of its' passing, so to speak :-(
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