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Re: The "Like" Button

Originally Posted by Zuiko View Post
I think the buttons have always been there, Mark, but maybe their use has increased recently. I notice that collectively we make less comments in the Gallery than we used to.
The 'Like' and 'Thanks' buttons are fairly recent additions John. At a guess I would say we have had them for about three years.

I do quite like the 'Like' button but like the original 'Like' button on Facebook it has little meaning. I remember complaints about people 'Liking' posts about their granny dying because there was no other option.

Ideally it would be nice to have 'like, dislike, sad and laughing' buttons as on FB, and for the gallery some kind of scoring system, but I appreciate that could be difficult.

It might be easier if the forum allowed posts of fewer than ten characters so that we could post a number or a smiley without having to write about it.

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