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Re: New Olympus OMD - EM1X ?

I have kept up with the comments thus far and rumours. I have not commented so far. My two penny worth is that from a wildlife point of view OLY needs to make more lenses in the F2.8 sector for telephoto lenses ie there should be a 300f2.8 and 4002.8 telephoto lens
Yes they will be large, heavy, and expensive but that’s physics. I have the 300f4 pro and it is a sharp lens but essentially it’s bokeh is as a f8. Its extremely difficult to isolate the subject but not impossible ie bird on a stick. I therefore have little interest in the upcoming 150-400. The em1x unless there is a really big advantage over my em1mk2s focussing acquisition is a non starter. The em1x needs to focus like the Nikon d500 or Canon 1dx series to interest me. Just my thoughts guys.
Kind regards mike
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