Thread: For sale E-M5 MkI converted to IR
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Old 13th September 2018
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Re: E-M5 MkI converted to IR

Originally Posted by Invicta View Post
Interesting idea, get the best of both worlds! Does this work 100% with the 720nm filter? The images look good but does it always work?

What made you want to sell your conversion? Seems an ideal camera to have.

Final question, which lenses do you find work OK with the conversion, some lenses create a ghost in the centre on IR conversions due to the poor focusing of IR light.
Always seems to work for me. Can't think why it wouldn't... the internal 665nm filter cuts anything with a shorter wavelength but lets longer wavelengths through. A 720nm screwed into the lens cuts anything shorter than 720.

I guess, as filters aren't perfect, the combination of 665nm and 720nm attenuates the light a little compared to a single, internal 720nm filter but, if so, the exposure meter takes care of that and I doubt it's as much as 0.5 of a stop (and I suspect a lot less than that).

I'm very happy with the E-M5 but I also have an E-M1 that I plan to convert and I don't need two IR cameras.

I haven't tried many lenses... I tend to use the Tamron all the time. Most of the time I've never noticed a hot spot with this lens but I've seen a hint of one on one or two images out of the many I've taken - I've not noticed a pattern in the settings for those cases.

This is a useful resource:
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