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Re: I have a E-410 and want a E620

Hi and welcome!
To answer your second question first, yes your lenses which you use on the E-410 will fit any other E series camera.
As regards your main question, I think you need to ask yourself why you want to upgrade.
Do you want image stabilisation built-in? Then any of the current E series cameras except E-410/420 will suffice.
Otherwise, when you say "better" - in what way? We need to know your current level of expertise and obviously your budget!
The E-410 really offers little less than any of the other cameras in broad terms except for IS - it's just the way other models do different things.
Weight is an obvious consideration - if you intend to do a lot of hiking but don't plan on exposing your camera to bad weather conditions ( a bit of a contradiction in terms!) then the E-3 may be an overkill.
Best thing if you can is to find a dealers with all the bodies in stock and see which one you feel happiest handling - they will all take the same photos, it's mainly the guy or girl behind the lens who makes all the difference!

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