Thread: For sale Panasonic G2 + lens 14-42
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Old 1st April 2014
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Re: Panasonic G2 + lens 14-42

No worries,

I actually managed to find one that works and it is located here for anyone interested:

The incorrect procedure is probably for another model (it says press film mode and left arrow together, but they are the same button on the G2)

the correct sequence is this one:

For G2: To enter the TEMPORARY Service mode (there also exists PERMANENT service mode) do the following:

1. Make sure you have a memory card in the camera.
2. Set the Drive mode lever to Single position
3. On a TURNED OFF camera push DISPLAY and AF/AE LOCK buttons simultaneously. While holding these two buttons turn on the power. Now the camera should be in the temporary service mode. To make sure it is, enter the Setup menu (the one marked with "wrench" icon) and look at the very last page. In the service mode there will be a new item ROM BACKUP. This item is for saving the user settings to and restoring them from a memory card.
4. Push simultaneously LEFT ARROW and MENU/SET buttons. A menu can pop up or some settings show - don't pay attention to that now. While holding these two buttons push AF/AE LOCK. You can now release all three buttons. The screen will now show a table with the last 16 error codes and their dates. Table navigation is done with the arrow buttons. Error codes are explained in the Service Manual.
5. Repeat the actions from item 4 once more. Now you will see CAMERA INFO screen. There is the most interesting info: VER: full software revision number No.: motherboard's serial number PWRCNT: Number of power on cycles (including exits from the Sleep mode) SHTCNT: Number of shutter activations STBCNT: Number of flash activations
6. If you now push DISPLAY button you will see CAMERA INFO 2 screen. There are several more counters there: Total number of clock settings (ClockSet Cnt), and two more (UnderCut Cnt ? RTC Read Err).
7. By repeating actions from item 4 return the camera into the initial state. The camera can work as usual despite it is still in the service mode. Complete exit from the service mode is done when the camera is powered down.
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