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Re: Oly display in new London Jessops store

Originally Posted by Mark Thackara View Post
Afternoon everyone,

This is all very strange as I was under the impression we had let everyone know what was going on but it may be only those chosen that were contacted.

Annoyingly, Sarah is away for two weeks and she was handling the corespondance but I will look into it with her when she is back.

Please accept my profound apologies if we have mis-handled this. The intention always was to give people the opportunity to have their work showcased on this one off installation in Oxford Street.

I know was had planned some form of presentation but there were a number of issues with the original installation which was in and then out again. That may have led to the event idea being missed.

If if gets rolled out we would be talking to all contributors about some from of reward.

As far as the event idea and using images in general, I would like to make up for that in some way so please leave it with me for now.

It sounds like I owe a few people lunch.
Thanks for the update Mark, I am pleased the display went ahead.

I also never received any further communication after a rather curt second request to send my high-res image after I had not responded to the first message within a couple of days; which I could not have done as I was out of the country at the time.
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