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Re: E-M5 now or wait?

Originally Posted by PeterBirder View Post
Two points.

The standard worldwide warranty for Olympus products is one year. The warranty for products imported into the UK by Olympus Europe is two years.

There may be no VAT in Malaysia but you will have to pay UK VAT and possibly Import Duty when you bring the item into the UK. HM Customs have lists of serial numbers of all cameras legally imported-into the UK and they will check. I understand they may also ask to see proof of purchase even for a camera you have bought in the UK and taken out with you. I would not recommend trying to fool with HM customs, it can prove very expensive.

That's an interesting point actually. I'm not too fussed about the 2nd year warranty. I think it's because of EU consumer protection law. But if electronics fail, they tend to fail within the first few months which is why is almost always a loss (on average) buying extended warranties.

As for import duty and VAT, technically I am Malaysian with a working visa to the UK. Would that really count as "importing" it? How would it be different if I were coming to the UK for the first time and bought a camera just before. Or if I were a tourist to the UK. It's probably a bit of a grey area... I'll have a look at the HM R&C website to see if there's anything useful.

As for the EVF, I'm not sure how much time to test things as we have quite a packed schedule so I was hoping to see what people's experience of it were.
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