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Re: E-M5 now or wait?

Thanks for the views everyone.

I take your point that technology is always moving on and todays top of the range is tomorrows 'meh' so I suppose the question really is, is the OM-D EM-5's EVF good enough? Or wait for a model with a higher resolution EVF (presumably the 2.36m dot of the VF4) and focus peaking.

Do you think it's fair to say that magnification is required for focusing on the EM-5?

I did consider the P5 with VF4 but it ends up being more expensive than the EM-5 and I feel the wifi at least is a bit gimmicky with little practical use. Plus, I would miss a permanently attached viewfinder.

I wouldn't want to end up in a situation where I buy a new camera then feel the need to upgrade it in a year's time...

My "perfect" camera would be:
Good dynamic range
5 axis IS
High resolution EVF
Focus peaking
Less than £1000 with a lens
(EDIT: + small and portable)

Everything else (weather sealing, wifi, movie mode) is pretty much icing. Ultimately I expect compromises will have to be made over the last 3 points. The only question is where...

As for warranty, I think my E520 had an international warranty and I have family in Malaysia. Plus, I tend to find warranties not all that useful (now that I've said that, I'm sure I will need it if I buy something). Price-wise, it's sad but most local businesses in Asian countries will try and cheat whitemen. The price on display is rarely the actual price. Plus, my dad has a few "regular" camera shops he goes too. At the very least, there isn't a 20% VAT (no electronic tax in Malaysia I believe).
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