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The Judge
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Re: Yellow roses

The first image is clearly the best of the group. From a compositional point of view you have captured the subject very well. You mention you were trying to find a different composition and although there is nothing radical here, with this in mind you seem to have found the right angle for the shot. Full marks for this and well done.

Now the lighting in the amended version has served the subject well. It needed this because the rose did seem a tad dark. Yellow is associated with being a vibrant colour and there does seem to be a certain expectation around this. The link is the colour and the subject thus the whole image would improve by giving it some pop. The thing that has not worked for me is the swirly background. Maybe it is just my monitor not sure, but here it is distracting from an otherwise great image. My suggestion would be to lift the subject somewhat and deal with the harsh lit edges to the left and darken out the background.

All in all worthy of being in the perfection area here. The other images less so, they are not up to the same standard as your first shot and maybe best dealt with in a separate thread.
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