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And Brian,
I am shooting with 4/3 and just went through the hard task of deciding between the 9-18, 11-22 and the 7-14.
After doing a lot of reading and getting a lot of first hand experience I have gone for the 9-18 for a number of reasons.
I won't bore with those reasons but I will let you know the tips I got while I was researching that might be relevant to you.
I discovered a lot of people asking the same question as you and;
1/ A guy who had both said the 12mm while having superior IQ you didn't really notice unless you printed out to a large size and even then you really had to look hard to find the differences.
2/ The 9-18 is cheaper.
3/ the zoom on the 9-18 he found really versatile for composing his shots the way he wanted
4/ The extra 3 mm gave a fair bit more field of view.

In saying all that he said the 12mm was an amazing lens and he's happy he has them both. It's jsut a question of whether you want the versatility and extra width of the 9-18 or the slightly better optics of the 12mm.

Hope this hasn't made your decision harder rather than easier.
I'm waiting on my 9-18. It should arrive Monday. Can't wait.

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