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Both excellent lenses, the 9-18 is surprisingly good given it's minuscule dimensions but the 12mm edges it from what I have seen in a few test images. The 12mm needs stopping down to give it's best however.
As John says the 12mm is an absolute joy to use, it just oozes quality.

Here an example (Southampton water) taken at 11mm f/8 with my 9-18.
Hi huw,
Just a quick question on the pic you took there. You've obviously got the hyperfocal point working quite well in this pic. I was just wonder what your settings were for this shot? I know it's 11mm at f/8 (do you find f/8 to be the lenses optimum stop for DoF?) but what is the focal distance?
And would this hyperfocal distance translate directly to the 9-18 4/3 (not micro) or would it be different?
Hope you can help. Cheers.
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