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Re: Auto-focus on E3

All more or less true except for the emergencies bit. By treating LV this way you lose the option of interesting perspectives in many situations.

And I personally take most of my business pics in the studio with a tripod. Given the choice between LV and permenantly bending down, I use LV and love it.

For landscapes, I find I take lots of low angle photos. The vast majority of pictures I see are taken from head height, to me this can be tedious. Of course there are many other occasions when LV gives no advantage. Then of course I use the OVF.

Why so many photogrophers are quite angrily prejudiced against the use of LV, I can't imagine. With articulating screen (it's worthless without one) LV is a wonderful extra option and doesn't detract from standard OVF use.

It comes down to what each individual feels happy with. I'm happy to use LV frequently while having no problem with those who don't want to. Oddly, some OVF photographers are less understanding of those preferring to use both LV and the OVF.

Incidentally, back to the original thread, I took a series of test photos last night with both my original 12-60 and new 50-200 lenses. I took one manual focus and five AF pictures at both ends of both lenses. The light was good, the subject flat and distinctive, and I used a tripod and two second delay. The camera was set for S-AF, small focus centre spot.

So ideal conditions, really.

I'm happy to say that nearly all were excellent. In fact at the short of the 50-200, all the AF pics were better than my MF one.

My next test sometime in the future will be on a more difficult subject than a distinctive flat box.

Best wishes to all, Rens
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