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Re: Tamron Adaptall 2 Lens to Olympus OM 4/3 Lens Mount Adapter?

Originally Posted by iMac View Post
If you don't mind waiting about 10 days they can be bought off ebay from Hong Kong for less, like this one here I have gotten a couple of adapters this way and they work fine.
With free shipping, that'll be great! Thank you so much, I tried ebay hunting but couldn't find them >.<

I'll have to wait about 2 weeks to order though, I've gotta earn some cash and get it put into my bank account then get it transferred over to my paypal, and I don't have a job ATM, so yeah... But thank you for finding that for me, I've gotten so much other stuff, like I got the shutter lock cable on a site for my e420, it's a generic one, but $5 USD beats I think it was $50 USD anyday.
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