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Old 5th November 2009
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Re: Mini fun ...

Thanks you all for the comments ... the white colour of the mini and my 16year old sons LED 'wands' did make it work rather well. I like the idea it materialised from 'outer space'.

JackB ... yes I have posted churches a year or so ago, in fact was at another one last night. As you can see it doesnt always go 100% OK.

This is St. Huberts church near Petersfield on a very clear moonlit night.

E3, with newly acquired S/H 7-14, was on Bulb (about 90s ). Run from the camera to the church and flash the church about 5 times and the bushes to the left and right once each.

As you can see you do have to be aware of where you are standing and the sequence you do things in. Also dont run back to the camera with the ready light on the flash showing.

Zuiko ... thanks for the expalnation of B, I should have said Bulb and also how to get it on a 510.

If only I could do interesting photos in daylight!

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