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Re: Clearing RAM app.............

Originally Posted by TimP View Post
Have to say, Ive never noticed any such issues since changing to a Mac many years ago.
Machines rarely even get turned off unless were going away or there is an update required.
Might also be affected by not actually using PhotoShop either!

When I was supporting PCs they suffered as described but when we moved to virtual desktops users got a clean machine every morning, so rarely saw any issues (behind the scenes the disk space demands were a nightmare, not helped by the sys admin being of the opinion that said disk space was his very own to ration as he saw fit).

Surely the blame lies with the writers of the O/S and applications. These have ballooned from a couple of megabytes to multi gigabyte installs. Youd think they have some spare space for some decent housekeeping routines.
I can empathise with your comments about Sys Admin!

To be fair, Windows has become much slimmer and fitter in recent years, with W10 being extremely fast and agile. 'Streamlined like a Porsche' as somebody once said.

I have no stability problems whatsoever, and as I said, my W2016 machine stays up for weeks at a time. Indeed, I think our son has more problem with his one iMac and MacBook than we have with all of our home and office PC's put together.

Back to Windows C's, the problem seems to lie with Adobe in particular which has a unique ability to fill hard drive space and use memory resources. My Adobe Acrobat Pro installation alone takes up in excess of 4 GB which is probably more than the OS! I have also noticed that now Adobe has us on subscription the pace of updates and improvements has slowed significantly.

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