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Old 17th September 2019
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Walking boots

My walking boots have started to fall apart so its time I looked at replacing them.

Looks like I can spend from £45 to £250 probably more, for boots I canít tell apart!

I had some from Mountain warehouse, they were breathable Gortex ankle boots, which once Iíd got into wearing I never liked!

They were not waterproof
The grip offered by the soles was atrocious - my airwair are better! Wet rocks at the seaside were a particular problem!
They lacked ankle support (unsurprisingly)

What recommendations does anyone have? Are the high street stores to be trusted? Which ones? Any brand recommendations?

I do go for proper long all day walks, in terrains from shingle paths through rock pools to mountain boggy paths.

Ideally one pair to suit anything, all year round!

Many thanks
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