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Conflicting Info from Olympus re 3 Year Extended Warranty

A month ago I realised that both E-M1 II bodies we have were within the six month additional warranty period, given by Olympus when I originally registered the cameras.

I intended to purchase the Olympus 3 Year Extended Warranty for the cameras however, I was unsure if the were eligible as they were outside of the original 2 year warranty period but were still covered by the additional Olympus 6 month warranty.

I emailed Olympus Support and asked if the cameras would still be eligible for the 3 Year Extended Warranty expecting confirmation that this was the case.

I was disappointed to receive an email from Olympus Support advising that the 3 year Extended Warranty could only be applied to the cameras with the manufacturer's original two year warranty period, I thought this was rather strange however, I accepted the answer given by Olympus Support.

Imagine my surprise when I received an Olympus Newsletter email today advising that I may wish to purchase a 3 Year Extended Warranty as my current warranty runs out soon.

I've emailed Olympus Support again asking them to confirm whether the Olympus Support rep is correct or if the official Olympus email is correct.

This is another example of conflicting information being provided by Olympus Support possibly to the detriment of the customer. I have no desire to spend 200.00 on warranties for two cameras to then be told I can't use them however, I also don't want to to miss the opportunity to extend the warranty if possible.


The email reads as follows:

Dear Mr. G

We hope you have enjoyed using our products and all the fun and adventure that comes with them.

So that you can continue to get the best out of your OLYMPUS camera, we suggest extending your warranty, which will expire soon.

Activating a 3 years extended warranty for your OM-D body means more worry-free photography and peace of mind when discovering the world.

3 years extended warranty can only be activated during the warranty period.

Your product: E-M1 Mark II

Serial number: BHUA****

Warranty expiration date: 2019-06-14 00:00:00.0

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