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Re: An Optimistic Article about Olympus

I'm personally in the bottom right hand sector (landscape, cityscapes/architecture, street etc). I don't need fancy AF and long lenses, but I do need:

- As much DR as I can get (in other words lots of highlight headroom and as low a shadow noise as possible)

- Weather-sealing (sometimes it rains outdoors)

- Small/lightweight body & lenses (I usually spend many hours carting kit about an no matter how light it feels at the start of a day, the shoulder knows it at the end!)

- The best image stabilisation I can get (I often carry a tripod, but being able to take shots of several seconds without one definitely improves the spontaneity of image making).

- Aids for long-exposures (LiveTime and LiveComp) - these are great for nailing long-exposure landscape photography.

- Top top-quality lenses (both zoom and prime).

Olympus m43 delivers in nearly all of these. The one area where I sometimes feel I need more is DR/noise. FF would definitely be a step up, but I'd lose out in many of the other areas. I can also use stacking/bracketing to work around the DR challenge (and in fact, in many outdoor scenes, the DR exceeds what even the best FF or MF cameras can do).

The development happening now in fast sensor readout and image computational techniques will I'm sure completely fix the DR problem in the very near future. A burst of 4-8 shots with different exposures and then mapping them into a single raw file would be my dream. I do that today myself by shooting 5 raw files and stacking in Lightroom but it would be great to be able to dispense with all the image sifting and stacking I need to do on my PC.
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