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Re: Is it mid life crisis

Wow, thanks everyone, some real food for thought here.

I didn't have in mind legacy Zuiko glass although I still have my OM1 and some lenses, so I could try that to start but if its a mixed bag then its pretty much just for fun.

I've got plenty of equipment (including a Canon 6D which I pretty much hardly use as its so big and heavy), so more cameras and format is probably not the direction I was looking to go, although, full frames like the Sony do appear to have good adaptors!

I also had in mind current lenses that are available for the M4/3 mount, I cant remember where I've seen them but there are the odd german type lenses with fast apertures. I think this is what I would like to try.

Otherwise, what I am really looking for is the good old days of having to think about your shot (a roll of 36 exp film and processing was quite expensive), and trying to make it count. Whereas nowadays Im finding I hit the shutter without too much thought, in the hope of the the many shots I've taken would turn out good.

Must be an age thing! Yikes!

btw I got out my old OM1 and my word, the viewfinder is super big and super bright
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