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Re: Live View Boost & the Histogram

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
It's very annoying that the histogram and over/under exposure blinkies are driven off the live view image. That means that any viewing effects you set (including JPEG modes etc) will effect the exposure view. For that reason I always turn off everything. I always shoot raw so it makes sense anyhow.
I think this is a (legacy) issue from earlier versions of the TruePic engine which had less processing performance. By applying all the settings effects (including Art filters and Vivid/other image adjustments) before generating a JPEG for the LCD/EVF and then computing the histogram from the resulting downsized image this would minimise the required computation (and time) - hence allowing higher max frames/sec etc.

It is also logical - for those shooting JPEG and applying adjustments & filters that the LCD/EVF & histogram should bear a closer relationship to the 'finished image'. Clearly however this relationship goes pear shaped when LV Boost is applied and some words in the manual reminding users of this would be useful.

Whilst, like you I only shoot RAW, I think it would be complicated/potentially unreliable to have the histogram generation method change according to image storage mode.
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