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Re: U43 format - why 1/4 FF

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
When the U 4/3 format was conceived I wonder why Olympus and Panasonic chose 1/4 of the the 35mm FF. It would seem more logical to have chosen FF, like other Mirrorless formats, eg Sony and Leica.
At the time (hugely important factor!) the 35mm sensors were very very expensive, certainly a niche market, not consumer.
Using a 4:3 ratio at least made better use of the image circle while the sensor size allowed the E-1 to maybe be profitable considering sensor cost.

These days I think they would have used a bigger sensor but still the excellent 4:3 ratio.

C'mon Olympus, DO IT.

Olympus 35mm would be a larger sensor then "full frame". Think about it.
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