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Angry E3 problems - again!

Just when I thought all my problems were behind me - off we go again

For the last two days I have found that my settings change from those I have selected. e.g. ISO 400 becomes ISO 800. C-AF changes to S-AF etc. This is similar to the last problem I had where the camera settings change for no apparant reason to the factory defaults. This was confirmed and 'repaired' about 4 months ago.
Yesterday, I ended up with mirror lock-up which could only be reset by powering down and then up again. This was the reason my first camera was exchanged. It was OK today but

Surely I am not alone with these problems. Having forked out as much as I have for this camera, I expected far more than this.
Talley to-date (Camera alone) 2 camera bodies and one repair. All in under one year.

Oh well, back to technical support on Monday...........

Best Regards

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