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Re: Printing and pricing

I am often asked this by local people who expect me to help them compete for print sales
against myself but as it's you and you are highly unlikely to be selling prints on Skye then here is my receipe for pricing.
Work out total cost of materials including p&p if you are sending your images away for printing. Say print, conservation quality mount, tape and sundries £15.00
add 20% for expenses, depreciation/ replacement of kit, petrol etc. Now gives us a total of £18.00 now multiply that by three and there you go £54.00
I would price it in my gallery at £55. and that gives me a bit of lee way to drop the price to £50 if it's needed.
Yes, I am in this game to earn a living, and yes we do OK. Perhaps a wee bit better than OK. The main point is do not under value either yourself or your work just for the sake/thrill of getting a sale.
It's a sure road to disappointment.

"Always shoot in RAW and avoid JPEGs"

William Shakespeare.
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