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Re: Olympus, a shot in the foot?

David, I do get a couple of your gripes, but some just don't make sense to me....

The AF system just isn't ever going to be able to do what something like an E-5 can do with tracking, but surely we all knew this anyway, no matter what huge improvements Olympus claimed pre-release?

The SHG lenses thing? They weren't there for m43 and were never promised when you bought the camera, plus we all know that FT lenses are too slow (and big) on m43 anyway, so it never took much in the way of due diligence to know this pre-purchase.

IBIS? What's wrong with it, I think it's pretty amazing?

The grip issue? - yep, really annoying, but I'm sure Olympus have been somewhat taken by surprise at the popularity of the camera and the sales figures.

Batteries? - annoying, but not a huge problem. Loads around on eBay/Amazon that work perfectly well and will save you a tidy sum as well.

Firmware? Yes, the Olympus firmware upgrade process totally sucks, and I've read of at least two people who have had their camera's bricked during the process.
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