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Re: Live View and flip out LCDs

Originally Posted by DTD View Post
Until I started using an E-3 (last week) I never really appreciated how useful live view was, especially with the flip out LCD.

My first digital camera (the non-dSLR Olympus C5060 had a similar flip out screen, and obviously being a compact did live view. I'd briefly used an E-510. The first accessory I got for my E-1 was the angle finder, so I suppose I should have known.

I particularly like the way it lets you see in real time the effect of changes to exposure settings etc. This and a live histogram is great. And the ability to superimpose a grid on the image is great.

One feature that's lacking is something I've found surprisingly useful on my Ricoh GRD-II, is a digital spirit level. I used to always get a sloping horizon.
now I have this set to appear as default.

As usual, I don't think Olympus always get the credit for some of their innovations. A Nikon using friend saw a picture of the E-3 and can't wait for Nikon to do a swivel and live view camera.

Anyone else found features they thought might be gimmicks turn out to be essentials?
Indeed, I have always felt that Live View is a feature that cynics would be surprised by, especially with an articulating screen. Not that I classify you as a cynic, David!

Using live view for critical focus is something else I value, too.

E-330 fans and Sony with its new Alpha 300-series DSLRs like live view especially because there is no shutter delay caused by the mirror having to re-deploy, too, but for the Sonys this does sacrifice exposure and critical focus preview.

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