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Re: Thoughts on SSWF (formerly: Thoughts on SWD.)

If the camera isn't switched on or needs to wake up the photographer is unprepared, so any startup lag is self inflicted whichever way you look at it.

I think the logic of having the SSWF operate at startup is sound enough. I'd rather it get rid of the dust before I take a photograph rather than after. You have to keep in mind the SSWF only works when the camera is horizontal, so stuffing the camera into camera a bag could cause lose dust to float around and land on the sensor, not much good if SSWF only works on switch off. Also when changing lenses most people would switch the camera off to avoid atmospheric static attracting dust to the sensor, but if some dust does shift around the SSWF will always work to help get rid of it when switched on again.
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