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Re: Thoughts on SWD.

Originally Posted by Jim Ford View Post
For lack of any other criticism of SWD, reviewers frequently seize on the 'long' start-up time from switch-on - often quoted as 1.6 seconds on the E3. Quite honestly this has never been an issue for me. If I switched on at waist level and brought the camera to my eye, ready to press the release button in less than 1.6 seconds, I would be in real danger of knocking my front teeth out with my E3! Perhaps those non-Olympus people for whom sub 1.6 seconds start-up is essential wear gumshields!

The other point is that of 'clean at start-up' or 'clean at switch -off'. You have to question the camera manufacturers' technical judgement who opt for 'clean at switch-off' - they seem to have lost the plot completely! I'm not in the least bit interested if the camera sensor is clean when I switch the camera off to put it in the bag, I want it clean when I switch on to start taking photographs. To my mind, cleaning at switch-off is like wiping your bum _before_ going to the toilet!

Argue with me, someone!

O.K. if you want an argument. You are totally wrong, there is not one of your arguments that stand up to the slightest scrutiny.
SWD is the sonic wave drive, in other words the focus motor in the new lenses not the SSWF which is the sensor cleaning system. So sorry Jim but you are just plane wrong.

Well you said you wanted an argument.

Ian C.
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