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Re: New silver E-M1 Mark II camera

Originally Posted by snerkler View Post
Interesting, thanks. I have been doing some reading around and I think I got it wrong, the EM1-II DOES have two processors and not one like I thought, therefore I'm wondering if hand held hi res shots will be an option with firmware updates?

Also regarding hi res mode, does this give you a hi res RAW file, or is the hi res jpeg only?
The is what the the E-M1 II has.

New TruePic VIII image processor

The new TruePic VIII image processor packs two types of quad cores on one chip, one dedicated to image processing, and the other for camera control and computation processes. A state-of-the-art process, which carries out parallel processing of sensor reading, AF processing, and image processing speeds up the camera and reduces power consumption.

And this is the E-M1X. (double the processing power of the E-M1 II).

Dual TruePic VIII Processors

The dual high-speed TruePic VIII image processors in this model allow for cutting-edge functionality, reduced the start-up time, faster recovery from sleep, enables dual UHS-II compatible card slots, Intelligent Subject Detect AF, Handheld High Res Shot, and Live ND. The optical performance of attached lenses are also maximised for natural depiction and high-definition imaging.

JPEG & RAWs (normal & HiRes)
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