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Re: Frozen Stratford

I really love the glow in the 'Muted' one, but all are excellent.

Interesting what you say about the possible IBIS artefacts, because I've got one or two similar-sounding issues with some I took in Grenada with the 12-100.

For example, a couple of short bursts of street shots at full aperture, without significant panning and at decent shutter speeds (between 320th and 1600th) and focal length (26 and 28mm), where one corner of the frame looks surprisingly defocused to me. This isn't a lens decentering issue since it's different corners in the two series. It's just part of the fairly flat background buildings that are de-focused, where a single figure is walking across the mid-ground of the frame and is in perfect focus, and the rest of the background buildings are as sharp as one would expect.

I've still got some more images to process so I'll see if I can find any more issues, and will post them to see what people think. Mostly I used the Pan-Leica 15 f1.7 for street shooting there, and I've reviewed all those and can't find any further examples.

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