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Laowa MSC Magic Shift Converter

This is custom made for Laowa's 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D lens:

This 12mm lens is made with the following mounts (via adapters): Canon EF, Nikon AI, Sony A, Pentax K and Sony E.

The Converter has high refractive index elements which opens up the 43mm image circle of a 35mm film lens by x1.4 to 60mm making it suitable for shift function*. It can shift up to 10mm left or right or, by rotating it, up or down or any position around 360 degrees.

(Web page out of date, AI version is now available).

This available, so far, only for EOS or Nikon AI (lens which will fit it), according to the mount version of the 12mm purchased. However, the enlarged image circle permits many 35mm legacy lenses in EOS or AI mount to be shifted. I have, so far, tried (no photos yet) Tamron SP 17mm, Pentax K 15mm rectilinear and Nikkor-N Auto 24mm. All look good through the viewfinder.

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