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Re: Portrait 1

Classic portrait composition


Fibonacci composition

The argument has raged from the dawn of "Art", but what really counts is your own opinion. I produce images that I like and if others appreciate them, that's a bonus.

However the crop of the RHS of the image so close to the side of the head, for me spoils the end result. Just a little bit of of a gap would have removed the distraction of the crop and given the subject more presence in the frame.

Rendering the person and the attitude, emotion or personality is always important in portraiture, so without being given the "story" behind the image, we are let to make up our own "meaning" that the image conveys.

The use of clear space is often used for editorial style compositions, allowing for the insert of words or inset pictures.

Can you tell us more about your ideas for this picture ?

We often repeat the mistakes we most enjoy...
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