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Unplanned Christmas Events

Well, no matter what they happen and cause us to react !

a few years ago, Parents of two darling little boys we looked after 3 days a week, phoned just as we were going into Winchester by bus, for our annual trip out, on Christmas Eve for a wander about the Cathedral & French Christmas Market then lunch and a bus home at dusk to view the Christmas Lights enroute ...

Nice plan ... BUT the phone rang and I answered it ... their Dining room Ceiling had "fallen down" ... it being an old Edwardian House lovingly restored ... Nick wanted to let them find a builder somewhere ... so we could go on our way and enjoy our Christmas ...

But I said "SHE (mum) is 7 months pregnant with 3rd baby ; they are having a first Christmas at their home with all both families ... and he can't do it (dad had right leg amputated from below the knee at age 11) he cannot bend down and pick something up ... like plasterboard ...

It had been a week earlier they had a bath over filled flood above ...

Nick went and got changed from fine clothes as me ... and off we went - I bought Mum and the two boys back here to ours, where the playroom provided all the entertainment the boys could want ; mum could get lunch - fish fingers, waffles and beanz were pushed into the oven and I went back to help with running up and down a board pushing a wheel barrow of debris (shovelled in by dad, as Nick was hooking down the unsafe remainder of the ceiling). Nick then nail gunned a thick vinyl clear sheet to the ceiling, I swept up and left dad with the mop and hoovering to do ... as I came home to collect mum and children ...

Then Nick and I took a shower, poor a glass of bubbly and ate some cheese on toast and watched a film !

LAST YEAR we did not answer the phone ... but met neighbours at the bus stop ... the day before New Years Eve ... who were getting married next day and could not afford a photographer as they charged so much for that DATE ... so we took a few for them ...


we got an email from one of the babies mums to say "were getting married on Monday 23rd" could you ...

STILL at least its known in advance and planned for us but I shall not answer the PHONES from MONDAY 7pm

I think we are lucky, a friends nephew took his dads car and killed himself so they have a funeral Monday !

Any funny or inconveniencing Christmas larks to tell ?

CHIN UP; Keep Calm and SIP slowly smiling ! is my advice

PS yes we are having the baby overnight Monday next and we are taking a couple of photos at the small (4 Guests) Registry office wedding - they have been together for 17 years !
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