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Re: E510 firmware update

Originally Posted by RogerMac View Post
I am getting the distinct impression that after updating my E510 firmware the noise and sharpness at ISO 1600 has improved. I first noticed it on some very large enlargements (between A0 and A1 on cropped portions of the original) and then going back to the original test shots that I took when it was new in July and attempting to repeat them in the same lighting conditions I am convinced that there is a noticeable improvement - especially in the JPGs but also just noticeable in RAW.

So my question to Ian is, am I deluding myself or did Oly take the opportunity to slip in an undocumented improvement?


It's not something I have noticed myself. Do you mean 1.2? I must confess I haven't upgraded to that yet as it's only supposed to enable the EC-20 converter to work and I don't have one yet. This does mean I'm in the position to do a before and after comparison

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