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Re: Thanks Robin Wong

Originally Posted by Barr1e View Post
Hi Huw -

Anne and I have been so busy of late with other matters I had forgotten about the link. At last though we are through with the project and can now slow down to our usual pace.

I have just been looking at Robin's food blog - mmm nice.

I have only taken a couple of shots today with the E-5. Those taken over the weekend have given me much pleasure and will urge me on to giving my photography greater thought in the shot making.

It's a joy.

Much improved over the E-3.

Pix taken in Natural allow the Oly colours to shine.

I haven't taken a shot yet with one of the filters - perhaps if I have time tomorrow I take a few and post the results, unless PeterD beats me to it.

Regards. Barr1e
Hi Barr1e

I got the camera too late to do much with it. I am determined however to post some images tomorrow - come rain or shine

I shall leave the filters to you at the moment as I am interested in performance with the Sigma 150 Macro, Sigma 50-500 and Zuiko 12-60 as these are the lens' that I most frequently use. I aim to have a go at the video too if time permits. That should be fun.
Best Regards

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